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How to make quick money with event blogging

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How to make quick money with event blogging Empty How to make quick money with event blogging

Post by Admin 25th November 2017, 18:00

How to make quick money with event blogging – Event Blogging in 2017

Hello Guys. Today I am here to discuss how to make money with event blogging in 2017 in details. I will try to explain everything in a very simple way.

An Introduction to Event blogging:

Event Blogging now becomes the most popular source of income and there are many bloggers who work in event blogging and generate a reasonable income. And no doubt event blogging can actually generate a high-quality income in a few days.


It is not that easy to earn. You have to work on it at least 2 months and then at the end, a large amount of revenue will be in your bank balance.

How We Do That?

If you are new in this field and want to earn having no money then this article is for you.

Things you need to have:

You need only two things.

1.A computer
2.An active internet connection.

Now if you have all these two things you are eligible to do event blogging in 2017.

What is Event Blogging:

Event Blogging!  Have you heard this word sometime recently?

Event blogging is a type of blogging that we do before any certain event.

We do it to generate money, Yes and Offcourse, Money is the only thing for what the majority of people is searching for through internet and many other sources.

whenever an event is nearby and is going to occur, there is a huge search on that event to pick the information of that event. It may be in the sense of image download for that event or to get the cool messages and quotes on that event.

So people search for the information about that event and we,”The bloggers” start providing that information by our blogs and websites.

People do search for that event, reach your blog, read and download what they want and go away.

Between all this process, where did you earn money?

Let me explain.

You know that a certain event is coming. You make a blog and write all the formation of that event in the form of images, messages, and quotes.

Then you get an Adsense from Google ( an ad provider source by google) and put the ads in between your blog.

During the event, People come to your blog to collect the information and unknowingly click the ads you have placed over there and in response, you get paid by google because someone has clicked on the advertisement provided by Google.

Let’s start it step by step.

1.   How to choose an event for event blogging:

There are a lot of events that you can use for event blogging. I have listed some most popular events below that you can start for your event blog. You can also choose the event according to your interest.

You can work on,

*Holidays: You can work on  New Year, Diwali, Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas event,  Mother’s Day etc.

*Sports:   IPL, Wrestle mania, Olympic, FIFA World Cup, Barclays Premier League, Cricket World Cup etc.

*New Launches: Any type of coming movie, mobile fone or any other gadget launch that is getting famous.

2.   How To Make Money With Event Blogging:

When you have chosen the niche for your blog and have prepared a blog on it you have to make money from that blog.

the first and basic method that majority of blogger adopt is to placing google ads. There are some other means that are also available for you besides google ads.

Google AdSense (Recommended)
Affiliate marketing  
By promoting your own product for direct selling
But here we will talk only about Google AdSense.

3. Purchase a domain:

Now you have to purchase a domain name for your blog. your domain must include the name of that event in it otherwise you may rank lower in the google search. for example, if you are making a blog on new year then you should use happynewyear, happynewyear2018, newyear2018images, happynewyearmessages etc.

use top-level domain (TLD) for your blog. (TLD domain are .com .org  .net etc)

4. Set up an event blog:

Now you have to set up an event blog.

you can watch the video I have embedded.
If need any type of help, contact me. I am here to help you, Best of luck.


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